The foundation ‘Incubators for Immigrants’ wants to help refugees to build a new economic and independent existence in the Netherlands. Therefore, we’ll provide them with knowledge, financial support and assistance with the set-up of their own private Dutch company. And we’ll help to give them a residence permit faster than usual. We hope to give the refugees a goal and we hope that we can take away the hopelessness of this situation. Besides this, we simultaneously work together to ensure that there is a societal, cultural and economic contribution to the Dutch society. Incubators for Immigrants has been founded by a group of entrepreneurs, who prefer to resolve things rather than to start an endless conversation. Curious? Want to participate? Read the frequently asked questions.

How do we work?

Refugees are people with different backgrounds and capacities. We want to discover the entrepreneurs of this group and give them the opportunity to give their lives a meaningful goal in the Netherlands. These people can submit their business plan to us. The potency of this business plan will be evaluated by the foundation after the submission. If a business plan is assessed as promising, the person will be included in our support program. That means that we:

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Provide guidance in the establishment of the company.

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Foster a good and successful start of the company, by setting up a good strategic plan, providing marketing services and other business and administrative support.

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Provide assistance with legal proceedings.

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Provide social assistance.

Submit a business plan

Potentially anyone can submit a business plan who does not have the Dutch nationality and who has reasonable grounds to fear for his (or her) safety or persecution in the country of origin because of political or religious beliefs, nationality or for reason of belonging to a particular race or a particular social group, and who is seeking asylum in the Netherlands.
Preferably, the business plan shall be submitted in the English language. For those who do not speak English, the business plan may also be submitted in your own language.
Submitting your business plan is easy. Select the link "Upload your business plan now” and follow the instructions on the page.
Once your business plan has been submitted, you will directly get a confirmation of receipt. In this confirmation we will also indicate when you can expect a definite response from us, as this depends on the number of plans that we have received during a certain period of time. If you still have not heard from us after a week, please contact us via the contact form.

Support us

“Incubators for Immigrants” receives no government funding and is entirely dependent on donators, sponsors and volunteers. Please help us to achieve our objectives, and register now as a donator or volunteer. For companies please look under the section "Businesses for businesses".

Become a donator

You can become a donator for the minimum amount of € 25. By donating you will help a refugee to setup his or her own company in the Netherlands. Please click here.

Businesses for businesses

Companies can support us in different ways. The easiest way to do so is to become a financial sponsor. But there are many more possibilities. Perhaps your company provides products or services that we can use in our services to refugees. In that case, of course we love to hear from you. Whether it's temporary office- or living space, administrative and legal services, mobility, telecommunications, transportation or even internships, we can use business partners in almost any field. If you think your company can help, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Become a volunteer

Volunteers may help us in the selection and evaluation of the plans. Naturally for this we ask the necessary experience in the field of writing and/ or reviewing business plans. But there are more possibilities to support us. For example; we also need volunteers with knowledge of social media and other volunteers who can act as interpreter/ translator. If you think you have the skills to help us, please click here

Would you like to help us?

What's the story?

Incubators for Immigrants has been founded by a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, who agreed that a positive action had to take place instead of the endless conversations. By using another constructive way to look at ‘the problem’, they discovered that enterprising refugees could get a (temporarily) residence permit faster than usual if they would be a serious entrepreneur in the Netherlands. Incubators for Immigrants removes the bureaucracy that is involved with the foreign start-ups and with that they give refugees the same opportunities as Dutch entrepreneurs. A solution based on the fact that every human being has the same rights to free establishments and equal opportunities, including refugees who have arrived in the Netherlands. These values are shared by the INCO Business Group, who helped this initiative to take place and who also sponsors the foundation. With the help of INCO Business Group it was possible to set up the foundation.

Our Ambassadors and Incubators

An idea is nice. So is a foundation. Besides that, it is and always will be human labor. We are extremely happy with all the help from various friends, ambassadors, strangers, acquaintances and fellow entrepreneurs who dedicate themselves selflessly. If you would also like to participate, or contribute: Please sign up here.

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